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OTRAMS, our internet booking engine is currently used by more than 53 clients in over 36 countries around the world and our client base is rapidly expanding. We offer a bouquet of customisable features no matter what size your travel business is. Our experience of over a decade in the travel domain substantiates our potential of constantly innovating a robust internet booking engine that you can rely on. We are devoted to providing outstanding service to our clients and maintaining long-term customer satisfaction.

Dreamworld Travels USA

Dreamworld Travels

24x7 Company SPC

24x7 Company SPC

Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, India, Kuwait, Egypt, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Bangladesh, Macedonia

Red Apple Travel

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, UAE, India, Russia, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Egypt
World Avenues

World Avenues

Switzerland, Malaysia, UK, USA, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Qatar Kuwait