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We offer B2B and B2C travel mobile app development services to manage the entire system on your mobile. This gives you the flexibility to access the system anytime, anywhere, whether you are at home, at the office or on a vacation. All you need is a working internet connection and a smartphone (Android or iOS), and you will be able to manage your bookings with just a tap. Apart from the provision to access your system anywhere, the intuitive and interactive user interface of our booking app makes searching for hotels a breeze. You can search for hotels according to price, deals and reviews and get comprehensive information on the itineraries available. Payment can be processed in multiple currencies and your transaction data is protected with SSL connection to ensure secure transactions.

We have worked hard to ensure clients using our B2B2C mobile app enjoy flexibility without worrying about safety. Security has been, is, and will always be our top priority. We not only assure safety but also make sure you don’t have to sacrifice on speed. Our mobile booking app is developed using native programming languages to ensure seamless operation, whether you want to check bookings, book hotels, cancel bookings, or simply view reports. You are just a tap away from all the information you need.

A new addition to the Map view in our booking app is the ‘Cluster view’. Tapping on a cluster reveals the hotels in that particular area. The clusters give you an approximate value of the number of hotels in a region, expanding and zooming in on the selected region as you tap on them. Tapping on a hotel gives you all the information, it’s description, photos, amenities, and a screen to select a number of rooms and adults, and finally a book now button to book. This helps in keeping the Map UI clean. We also use JSON format to collect data and compress using gzip to enable faster transfer of data. Combine these features with our fast, secure, and reliable OTRAMS engine, and you get a feature-rich system that works seamlessly across all platforms.

Capture bookings 24x7, even on the go! Mobile

Salient features of our B2B mobile app

  • Data exchange in JSON format to save on size.
  • Data compression using gzip to allow faster transfer of data.
  • Cluster view in Maps to enable clean and more intuitive UI.
  • Native programming for seamless operation.
  • Payment in multiple currencies.
  • SSL encryption to protect transaction data.
  • A complete list of hotels on a scroll.
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