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Best B2B Travel ERP Software

B2B Travel ERP Software

Welcome to OTRAMS, the renowned and award-winning Travel ERP Solution by Qtech Software, serving the travel industry for 18 years. OTRAMS seamlessly integrates with a vast network of over 190 global API providers, allowing travel businesses to effortlessly aggregate and distribute travel services. Otrams is the leader in the B2B Travel ERP Software.

Our B2B travel software is packed with powerful features and tech-enabled modules designed to boost your travel business revenue. OTRAMS is trusted by travel businesses and is operated in over 200 countries, making it the ultimate choice for success in the travel industry. Our B2B online travel software has yielded profitability and success for travel consolidators and wholesalers for over 16 years.

Your All-in-One B2B Travel Portal Solution

Unlock the power of OTRAMS, the ultimate travel booking software tailored to meet your operational goals. Experience seamless B2B travel booking with complete control over your operations.
  • Expand Your Sales Channels: Embrace Mobile, Web, Tablets, and XML Out
  • Enjoy Automated Processes and Smart Business Logic for Effortless Bookings
  • Access Comprehensive Back-office and Mid-office Functions, including Business Reports and Agent Management
  • Simplify Agent Onboarding and Management
  • Implement Versatile Markup Profiles and Rules
  • Set Credit Limits, Cancellation Policies, and Fees with Ease
  • Streamline Your Booking Process for Time and Cost Savings
Travel ERP Booking Portal in Saudi Arabia

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Experience the future of B2B travel software with OTRAMS.

Elevate Your Business with the B2B White Label Booking Engine

Unlock New Opportunities and Boost Your Revenue !

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Our B2B white label booking engine is the key to your success. With seamless white label capabilities, easy setup, and the potential to generate extra revenue, you’ll be on the fast track to market dominance.

Streamlined White Label Solutions

  • Effortless Setup: Get started with ease and speed.
  • Revenue Enhancement: Generate additional income streams.
  • Organize bookings, credits, markups, and rules systematically
  • Market Expansion: Increase your market presence and influence.
Seamless White label Integration
  • Plug-and-Play Simplicity: User-friendly, plug-n-play model.
  • Comprehensive Control: Manage bookings, credits, markups, and rules systematically.
Data-Driven Decisions
  • Business Intelligence: Access valuable insights with detailed reports.
  • Smart Decision-Making: Leverage data for strategic choices.

Discover Endless Possibilities with B2B White
Label Booking Engine

Streamline Your Travel Business with OTRAMS

Opportunities for business growth

  • 500,000+ Hotels Connectivity
  • 900+ Airlines Connectivity
  • 28+ Payment Gateways

Enhance the customer experience

  • Multi-Lingual and Multi-currency Support
  • In-built Content Management System
  • Run your Own Loyalty Program

Possibilities abound

  • Enter New Geographies easily
  • Provide Value Added Services
  • White label Ready
  • API Redistribution

Security at its best

  • SSL Secured, Cloud Hosting
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • Daily back-up protocols
  • 99.9% Up Time

Increase performance

  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • 100% control over margins, mark-ups, and discounts
  • Apply mark-ups, and discounts
  • Data Driven Decision Making

World’s leading travel technology

  • Operated in 200+ countries
  • 190+ Travel partners
  • 200K+ agents registered globally
  • 600+ Features

OTRAMS For Wholesalers | B2B Booking Platform

OTRAMS is comprehensive B2B online travel ERP software that delivered results for over 50 companies worldwide. Our travel application design and development team have years of experience in both web and mobile travel application development.

The B2B online booking engine we offer includes all the essential modules. You can set prices and mark-up policies as needed, showcase hotel rooms availability in real-time, set credit limits, and manage cancellation policies.

We are partnered with over 190 industry-leading suppliers that you can choose from for turnkey integration into your system. Our system will save you money and make you more productive with the high return on investment our system offers.

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What Our Customers Say

We're thrilled with the exceptional support we received from OTRAMS (Qtech Software) during the development of our new hotel reservation website. The website is fast, reliable, and complication-free. OTRAMS' teams are highly professional, organized, and detail oriented.

Our heartfelt thanks to the entire Qtech Software team, from Sales to IT Developers, for seamlessly delivering our website within just three weeks. We highly recommend OTRAMS (Qtech Software) for travel-related websites. They're the best!

Best wishes from Alomma Holidays.



``As a travel agency with 10 sales branch offices in Tashkent, we were seeking an IT company to integrate our B2B partners' offerings into a single website. OTRAMS GO consistently delivers, providing accurate, quick, and highly customized solutions for both our B2B and B2C needs. Their service is not only impressive but also affordable. Thanks to our partnership, our sales have exceeded expectations. OTRAMS GO is a must-have for your travel business, whether B2B or B2C.``

Aziz Centbed

Centbed - Uzeb

B2B Booking Platform, fit for your Global Travel Business

Frequently Asked Questions on B2B Travel Software

What is B2B Travel Software?

B2B travel software is software designed for travel agencies and tour operators to manage and sell their travel products, including flights, hotels, rental cars, tours, and activities to other businesses. Being B2B leading travel tech provider, we have developed an advanced consolidated B2B software, with comprehensive tools and features that enable a travel company to manage their agents, create exciting offers to engage the agents on the software, and much more.

What are the features of B2B Travel Software?

Here are some B2B travel solutions features;

  • Inventory management
  • Booking and reservation management
  • Payment processing and invoicing
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integration with third-party providers and distribution channels
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Agent Management Tools
  • Credit management tool
  • Coupon Module
  • Loyalty Module
  • B2B Backoffice management

Is B2B Travel Software secure?

B2B Travel Portal should be secure and compliant with industry standards to protect sensitive customer and business data. We at Qtech software prioritize data security and offer encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to ensure our client data is secured and encrypted. We also have a dediacted team of security experts who are constantly monitoring our systems for any potential threats.

What are the benefits of using B2B Travel Software?

Key benefits of B2B travel booking engine are listed below;

  • Increased efficiency
  • productivity
  • Enhancing revenue and profitability
  • Greater flexibility
  • Access to data and analytics
  • Reach a larger audience
  • Global reach
  • Software customized to your business needs
  • Multi-currency support

What is the implementation process for B2B Travel Software?

The implementation process for b2b travel solutions can vary depending on the complexity of your business needs. Qtech Software offers comprehensive training, support, and guidance throughout the implementation process. Our team works closely and ensures that the software is properly configured with your business needs. We also provide support after the initial implementation to ensure that you are getting most of your software.

FAQS on Travel ERP Software in Saudi Arabia
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