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We are on a mission to help travel businesses make a powerful come back from the recent pandemic. Our new pricing, opens unlimited possibilities for travel businesses to start, restart or catapult their business to new highs


Get started with the OTRAMS System at no upfront cost.


Get all the product updates at none of the costs. No maintenance charges on OTRAMS.


There will be no annual fees / usage charges / license costs. Stay worry free!


Select your preferred modules or use the whole system. There are no limitations!

You Pay, Only When You Earn!



of Total Transaction Amount

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Proven Technology for your Business

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Travel Partners (Hotels, Transfer, Activities, Cruises)

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Uptime. Secure Hosting

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Languages Supported

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Customer API Redistribution

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Look to book ratio

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Payment Gateways

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Million transactions per year

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Bookings per day

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Expansion Categories

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Business Intelligence Reports - inbuilt

How does this Pricing Plan Work?

We have opened the complete OTRAMS platform for you!

  • You are free to choose any number of modules, services and suppliers, you want to add to your travel portal.
  • You are free to monetize through all available channels. (B2B, B2C, API, B2B2B & Mobile App)
  • You are free to add as many agents and upto 3 GSA / White-label

We ask you to pay only when you earn!

  • We will be generating an invoice at the end of every month, with only 1.5% of your total transaction amount realized from the system.


  • You pay only 1.5% of your total transaction amount at the end of every month.

We are not charging you for anything else

  • No set-up cost
  • No annual fees
  • No monthly maintenance charges
  • No supplier integration fees*
  • No upgrade charges

*Some items would be charged over and above the invoice

What are Travel Business Owners Saying?

I like the part that there is no initial cost, as the travel industry is in a bad shape, this is the best part...
Guga Sarvanan Visvas Voyages
The incentive to support businesses with technology is a huge investment. The continuous support to be offered will be great too.
Dennis Mutua Continental Travel Group
It looks Very Good and I want to use it...
Ana Lopez Solo Travelers Tour SAS
I was impressed with how Qtech and OTRAMS full-service travel ERP has evolved in terms of the technology and product offerings... The flexible, simple, easy to understand transaction based pricing is a way to go
Rahul Ramadoss ONEAIRCLUB

What are the Inclusions?

Here is a detail of everything you get with OTRAMS GO.
screenshot otrams

Front End Static Pages

  • Home Page
  • About Us
  • Contact Us / Customer Service
  • Services Pages
  • FAQs
  • Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy
  • Blog
  • Site Map

Booking Engines

  • Search and Booking flow for Hotels
  • Search and Booking flow for Flights
  • Search and Booking flow for Transfers
  • Search and Booking flow for Activities
  • Search and Booking flow for Car Rental
  • Search and Booking flow for Visa
  • Search and Booking flow for Packages

Customer Focused Modules

  • Loyalty Module
  • Coupon Module

Direct Contracting & Extranet

  • Extranet Module for Hotels
  • Contracting Module for Transfers
  • Contracting Module for Activities

Monetization Opportunities

  • B2B Booking Portal
  • B2C Booking Portal
  • XML out for Hotels
  • Upto 3 White Label / Global Sales Agents (GSA)
  • 01 Mobile App

Supplier Integrations

  • Unlimited 3rd Party Flight Supplier Integration
  • Unlimited 3rd Party Hotel Supplier Integration
  • Unlimited 3rd Party Transfer Supplier Integration
  • Unlimited 3rd Party Activities Supplier Integration
  • Unlimited 3rd Party Car Rental Supplier Integration
  • Unlimited Payment Gateway Integration
  • Unlimited Payment VCC integration

Choose unlimited suppliers from www.otrams.com/partners only.

Content Integration

  • Hotel Mapping Integration* (GIATA / Vervotech)
  • Currency API Integration* (XE.com)

*Integration is included. Third party / license charges to be borne by you.

Powerful Mid & Back Office

  • Agent Management
  • Pricing and Mark-up Profiles
  • Supplier Management
  • Packages Creation
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Role Based Access


  • Standard Shared Hosting
  • 1 million searches per month

Dedicated Hosting available as Add-on

Training & Support

  • 8 Hours of Training – One time
  • Additional Videos and Support Documents available on demand
  • Ticket based support

Add On Services and Actuals

Dedicated Hosting

You can choose a dedicated hosting plan with AWS Light Sail dedicated server.

Add on Charges @ USD 475 per month per instance.

GDS License Charges

  • Amadeus CAP License: 400 Euro per month
  • Sabre License Fees: 300 USD per month
  • Galileo License Fees: 200 USD per month

Google APIs

  • Configured with your account and credit card

Charged on actuals

  • Server local Compliances
  • Email Server
  • Email Accounts
  • XML Out Integration Support

Additional Support

  • Consultation fee – USD 25 per hour
  • Additional Training – USD 15 per hour

Important Points to Know

Go Live!

Within 3 weeks of signing the contract and providing all supplier details.

About Shared Hosting

  • Shared hosting will be provided by Qtech. Qtech will be responsible for server set up, deployment
  • Shared Hosting may have limitations in terms of System performance and Search speed.

Invoice & Payment

  • Invoice will be raised on every 1st of the Month. Invoice will have line items only for the checked-in bookings
  • Any dispute in Invoice has to be brought to our notice by 3rd of the Month.
  • Payment will be billed on credit card, 5th of the Month.
  • On the failure of bill payment, a notification will be sent on the registered email id and the due needs to be paid latest by 8th of the Month.
  • System will be discontinued as a result of payment failure.

Revisions to Pricing

  • Qtech will charge 1.5% of total transaction amount, for first 03 years of using the platform.
  • Based on the system usage and your business success, the pricing is subject to be revised after 3 years at the sole discretion of Qtech Software.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Go Live with your Online Travel Business in just a few clicks!
  • 1. Registration

    Click on 'Get Started' to fill your company details and requirements.
    Select all the modules, services and suppliers.

  • 2. Set-up your Travel Portal

    Share your supplier APIs.
    Brand logo & Color Specifications.
    Content for static pages.

  • 3. Go Live!

    Get Trained on your Online Travel Portal.
    Test it out and Go live with your online business!

Start building your Travel Portal, Now!

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Pricing FAQ

Q. Until how many years do you pay 1.5% transaction charges?
A: For first 03 years. Later the percentage will get revised based on your business scale.  

 Q. If my sale is 100 USD and revenue is 10 USD what you will charge me on?
A. If sale is 100 then revenue is also 100 not 10. You will be charged 1.5% on 100 USD. That is 1.5 USD. 

 Q. Is there any exit charge? 
A. No. 

 Q. How long this plan is valid? Because as per my past companies they shut the plan and keep me hanging?
A. This plan is valid for lifetime and the charges will be written in the contract agreement. 

 Q. How many suppliers we can integrate?
A. Unlimited from the list available here: https://www.otrams.com/partners  

 Q. Can you suggest suppliers that offer good rates?
A. Yes, we can. We charge minimal consultation fee for that. 25 USD per hour 

 Q. Probability of integrating new suppliers?
A. You can share us on JIRA which new supplier you want. We will put it under our road map. Once done will keep you posted. 

Q. Will the results impact on having a shared server?
A. With a Shared Server you can perform upto 1 million searches per month. If you find the need to have a dedicated server, we will help you with an AWS Light Sail Instance at an add-on price of 475USD per month, per instance. 

 Q. Can we have 02 mobile apps 01 for B2B and 01 for B2C?
A. Yes, 01 will come for free and the other will come with a charge. 

Q. Can we do White Label?
A. Yes, we offer you 03 free white label solutions.  

Q. Can we get Dynamic Packaging Module? 
A. No, not in this plan as it is still under development. It will be made available as per our product roadmap. 

Q. What will be the process of training and after training if my team needs the assistance?
A. We provide 8 hours of dedicated training to you and your team. Additionally, there will be online video tutorials for training. We will keep doing webinar for different modules over a period of time where your team can participate. 

Got more questions? Hit the ‘Ask Us’ button –> and post your query!