Dynamic Packaging Software

Package and sell of multiple travel products in real time.

OTRAMS bundles in a dynamic packaging module that can enable agents and guests to package multiple travel products in real time. This allows you to sell them in a single transaction though the purchase is made across multiple distribution channels and suppliers. You can manage hotels, transfers, flights and sightseeing, whether sourced through your own inventory or through different XML suppliers. Creating vouchers, itineraries, invoices and bills take only a few clicks.

Our dynamic packaging software allows you to automate operations, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
Multiple Services in one Dynamic Package

Dynamic Packages

The features of our dynamic packaging software allow you to

  • Package and sell multiple travel products on a single window
  • Sell at multiple points - B2B, B2C
  • Establish your own business rules
  • Sell packages using feeds from multiple channels
  • Manage markups and commissions
  • Automate operations
  • Create itineraries, invoices, vouchers, bills
Service Dynamic Packaging Software

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