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Powerful Extranet with Direct Contracting

Powerful Extranet and Direct Contracting on OTRAMS enables Travel Agencies to create and sell own inventory in Hotels, Cars, Transfers & more

3 Technology Trends in Travel Sector, you need to know!

What are the key technology trends in travel sector and how travel businesses can leverage them? Listen to this insightful conversation.  

A Quick Guide to Global Distribution System (GDS)

What is GDS? also known as the global distribution system, is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the travel industry. This is a network or platform through [...]

5 Reasons why, your Travel Business should be Online!

We address various aspects that help you understand the benefit of  taking your travel business online. Latest updates on the Travel industry.

How can your Travel Agency benefit from Online Travel Software?

Increasing online booking activity requires travel agencies to leverage an online travel software to distribute and market its services. Here is how it helps your travel business.

Why is it critical to invest in a good hotel reservation system?

The wave of globalization and modernization has made traveling an everyman’s need. Travelling is no longer just a mode of leisure or relaxation, but it is a […]

Trip Advisor Integration

Trip Advisor integration on OTRAMS adds user reviews in the system so customers get informed choice based on reviews from real customers.

4 Ways, Travel Companies need to evolve, in an online world

The present economic uncertainty has affected almost every aspect of our lives in various ways. Perhaps the worst affected is the travel industry that has almost been […]

Rewarding the Best Asset of your Travel Business

Your travel agency’s best performing asset are the travel agents that provide your customers with the best advice and suitable options for their travel plans. The interaction […]

Digitally empowered, New Age Traveler!

Millennials are more enthusiastic about travelling, the new generation of travelers wants to explore new places. Surprisingly, uncharted places are in demand. Social media has a significant […]