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otrams for jeddah travel agencies

OTRAMS is a travel reservation system that caters to travel agents and agencies, travel consolidators, destination management companies, and hotel resellers. Our travel software is used by the best travel and biggest companies in Jeddah.

Our 16+ years of experience in travel domain has given us a unique perspective about the wants and needs of travel industry. OTRAMS offers features that are tailor made to suit your unique business in Jeddah.  

With OTRAMS you will have the ability to build a strong online travel portal, that is essential for your growth. We are constantly working on integrating the latest technologies to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors. OTRAMS is a travel agency software you can rely on.  

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OTRAMS Travel Reservation System

Travel Software in Jeddah

Our travel agency software has customizable features that helps you run your travel agency in Jeddah. 

  • You can make instant bookings using our simple interface.
  • Agents and sub-agents can make bookings easily.
  • Get best rates from suppliers sourced from local to global scale.
  • Post your own inventory and widen your reach.
  • Set up your own online travel portal to boost your booking.
  • Create separate logins for corporate clients.

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B2B Travel Portal

OTRAMS is perfect for your business if you wish to build a powerful B2B travel portal that boost your travel business.  

  • Get a B2B booking engine that adjusts pricing and markup policies.
  • You can handle credit limits, cancellation policies, and fees.
  • Get access to a wide inventory and display it in real time.
  • Advanced filter options allow users to make better choices.
  • Provide a white label solution.
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B2C Online Travel Portal

Get a B2C travel portal for your travel agency that boosts the sale of inventory. 

  • Get customized layouts  
  • Sell your inventory directly to your customers. 
  • Get access to a travel wholesaler through our XML API connection
  • Have complete control over mark-ups and commissions
  • Scale your travel business with access to huge inventory 
  • Provide value added services 
  • Run your own loyalty program  

Destination Management Companies in Jeddah

OTRAMS provides destination management company software that offers centralized management, simplifies processes, and boosts productivity.  

  • You can manage multiple services and XML API distribution.
  • Create different prices for travel agents and end customers.
  • Create impressive itinerary for the customers.
  • Get End-to-end support from sales to operations and staffing to accounting.
  • Powerful Direct Contracting and Extranet for Hotels, Transfers and Activities.

Get the Best Solutions for Your Travel Business

hotel booking software

Hotel Booking System

Excellent Hotel Reservation system with a powerful online booking portal can help you deliver great results and enhance customer expectations. OTRAMS Hotel Booking Software allows you access to a huge inventory. You can filter, search and share with your customers information with customers.

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flight booking system banner

Flight Reservation System

OTRAMS flight reservation system is trusted and used by Travel Management Companies, Online Travel Agents, and wholesalers. Customers can sort and filter through various parameters and book tickets with ancillary services (Meal, Seat and Baggage Selection).  Travel operators can integrate all major GDS (AmadeusSabreTravelport) in their feed and book flights across the world.

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car rental software anywhere

Car Rental Reservation Software

OTRAMS car rental booking system provides customers the ability to customize their booking. Our Car Rental Reservation Platform offers best in class features. Real Time Inventory, Drive Communication App, Rate and Margin management etc.

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transfer booking system

Transfer Booking System

OTRAMS’ airport transfer booking system ensures smooth transfer booking experience throughout the world. The convenience, speed, and dependability that OTRAMS offers allows your clients to have seamless transfer experience.

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semi dynamic packages

Dynamic Packaging Software

OTRAMS’ dynamic packaging module lets users create custom itinerary to serve your clients’ needs. It automates the logistics & paperwork; our single window multi-service booking engine creates a single invoice for all services. Such automation allows you to serve clients while leading your company to growth, profit and customer’s loyalty.

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tour operator software OTRAMS

Tour Operator Software

OTRAMS tour operator software has advanced security protocols and leverages the full power of internet technology-based connectivity tools. Users can enjoy flexibility, simplicity, and the signature OTRAMS architectural robustness.

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group booking software OTRAMS

Group Booking Software

Group bookings process is simplified, swift and easier with OTRAMS. Our Group booking software keeps a track of group member’s preference so they needs can be met. Large group bookings can be a stress-free experience and you can provide a personalized and customized experience for each member.

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Travel Mobile Application

Mobile Application

OTRAMS Offers travel mobile app across Android and iOS platforms. Travelers are relying on their mobile phones for travel bookings. Its essential to have a mobile app to provide better services based on location, send notifications, provide real-time content and provide personalized services based on gathered data.

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If you are looking for a reliable travel technology provider that provides the most advanced and most cost-effective travel software for travel agencies in Jeddah, look no further than OTRAMS, by Qtech. Visit our pricing page to know how you can start your online travel business.   

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Build a Successful Travel Business in Egypt

Travel agencies need a strong technology in form of advanced travel software. If you are looking for best travel software for agencies in Egypt, OTRAMS by Qtech is the answer.  Visit our pricing page to know how to build a powerful travel business.  

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