Group Booking Software

Master the art of managing group bookings of any size

OTRAMS offers a group booking software that gives you the ability to book, manage, and track group bookings of all sizes. Our group booking software has in-built provisions to handle different groups including leisure, incentives, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, alumni groups, etc.

A Group Booking Software with Unequaled Convenience:

Supreme flexibility meets exhaustive tracking in OTRAMS group booking software.
  • Real-time tracking of all activities down to granular details
  • Open or block scheduling for a pre-defined time
  • Eliminates fear of overbooking any amenity
  • Quotation based module

Group Booking Software with Complete Service Spectrum

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Ready to Scale

Manage Multiple Groups Types

Provide Multiple Services from a single platform

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Robust System

SSL Secured Cloud Hosting

PCI DSS Compliance for secure payment gateways

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2X Customer Experience

Take Custom Requests for Groups within System

Multilingual & Multi-currency support

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Grab New Opportunities

Integrate with any service provider

Quick turnaround of inquiry-quotation-booking process

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Business Performance

Tracks offline bookings and integrates them into reports and accounts

Fetches real-time contracted rates

Powered by Proven Technology

500,000+ Hotel Connectivity
600+ inbuilt features
99.9% Uptime
6800+ Bookings Per Day
Omnichannel Access
Operated in 200+ countries

What Our Customers Say

OTRAMS is a good system, easy to use and implement. Supported by a great team.

Haythem Jamel

CEO, Itrip Online

One of the best brand names in the market.

Aalmehadar Badr

Founder, B2Booking

Always find a way to get it done and done well.

Farah Fadi

Planet Travel Network

Amazing Tech company to work with, Quality & Trained engineers, Very good products team.

Bhavesh Oza

Director, Book on Bluestar

Scale your business by handling group bookings of all sizes

Group bookings are often a pain point and bottleneck for a travel business’ growth. But with OTRAMS’ group travel software the process is simple, quick, and free of any inconvenience. Our software allows you to keep a track of each group member’s preference ensuring they all have a memorable experience.

The OTRAMS group travel booking software is one of the key reasons travel companies across 36+ countries have been able to scale their business and achieve exponential growth. It is the preferred travel software for B2B and B2C travel agencies, consolidators, tour operators, and travel wholesalers across the world.

With OTRAMS you can be assured that large group bookings will no longer be a source of stress for your team. It will ensure that even within a group you can deliver a personalized and customized experience for each member. OTRAMS is world’s top travel technology platform, developed by Qtech Software.