Dynamic Packaging Software

Create personalized packages across multiple services

OTRAMS dynamic packaging software facilitates combining multiple travel products from a single screen, real-time. With OTRAMS advanced travel booking platform you, your guests, and your travel agents can use a single transaction to make a purchase across multiple distribution channels and suppliers.
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Create Immersive Packages

  • Create and manage packages across hotels, transfers, flights, and sightseeing sourced through your own inventory or different XML suppliers.
  • Create vouchers, custom itineraries, invoices, and bills from a single console.
  • Automate operations, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Flexibility Beyond Compare

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Ready to Scale

190+ Third Party Suppliers to integrate

Multiple Supplier feeds integrated in single screen

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Robust System

Fetch Real-time Inventory

Greater than 98% Booking Success rate

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2X Customer Experience

Single Invoice for all services

Supports frequent flier programs

Book across Website & Mobile App

Multilingual & Multi-currency support

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Grab New Opportunities

Add your own / local inventory

Sell across Multiple points: B2B & B2C

Powerful Extranet

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Solid Business Performance

Enhanced Daily reports

Credit Allocation to Agents & Sub-Agents

Multiple Mark-up Options

Powerful Features for Easy Business Operations

packaging and selling multiple products in single platform

Packaging and selling multiple
travel products on a single window

selling b2b and b2c

Selling at multiple points
B2B, B2C

selling packages using multiple channel

Selling packages using feeds
from multiple channels

setting automating operation

Setting your own growth pace
by automating operations

managing markup and commision

Managing markups
and commissions

create itinerary invoice and bills

Creating itineraries,
invoices, vouchers, bills

single invoice for all services

A single invoice
for all services

single window multiple booking

A single window
multi-service booking

What Our Customers Say

We have centralised our Hotel & sightseeing bookings as well as circulated to our b2b & it helped in increasing the bookings with ease...

Raghunath K.

Dpty Manager, Hospitality

The system has many functionalities which is the demand of the time. The support team is excellent in understanding the requirement and deliver what is required...

Fahad A.

Manager, Leisure, Travel & Tourism

OTRAMS is a great product to improve your Business reach. Mid office functionality - Extra net functionality - Reporting System ( BI Reports) are the best.

Janhavi M.

Head Operations (Hotels)

OTRAMS is the best choice between the Travel Management Technology systems. They have a professional high skilled team, supportive, flexible, and working with us as partners...

Azzam A.

CEO, Travel

Deliver personalized travel booking experience with OTRAMS Dynamic Packaging Software

OTRAMS’ dynamic packaging module allows you to deliver a unique travel experience for each client. You can now create a custom itinerary that caters to your client specifications across hotels, flights, transfers, and sightseeing activities. 

It automates the logistics and paperwork in the backend leaving you free to take the reins of your business and drive scale. Our single window multi-service booking engine creates a single invoice for all services delivering a coordinated travel experience for your client. 

This is just one of the reasons why OTRAMS is the world’s leading travel technology software endorsed by travel companies across industries in over 36 countries. 

With OTRAMS’ dynamic packaging system you can now automate the backend to ensure predictable business growth, scalability, and most important of all an unmatched client experience.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dynamic Packaging Software

Is Dynamic Package available for B2B and B2C as well?

Yes. Dynamic packages can be made available for both B2B and B2C platforms.

How does Dynamic Packaging Software work?

Dynamic packages allows user to search for multiple services like Flight + Hotel and get results basis on search criteria additionally user has been given option to add transfers + Activities to the selected option for flight + hotel and book all the services under one booking reference, There is option to cancel any service individually.

Online Supplier Integration necessary for Dynamic Package?

Yes, online supplier integration is essential for dynamic packaging. Dynamic packaging software relies on accessing real-time availability and pricing data for flights, hotels, transfers, and activities from various online suppliers.

Will this module work with only Direct Contracts?

Dynamic packaging software can work with both direct contracts and with online suppliers.

What types of travel products can be packaged with Dynamic Packaging Software?

Flights, Accommodation, Transfers, Activities are available, more services can be added as per requirements.

What are the benefits of Dynamic Packaging Software?

There are many benefits of dynamic packaging software, including the ability to create customized packages, time efficiency, cost reduction, upselling opportunities, providing real-time pricing, and the ability to streamline processes.

Can Dynamic Packaging Software be customized for specific travel businesses?

Yes, dynamic packaging software can be customized for specific travel businesses. Dynamic packaging software is designed to be flexible and adaptable, so it can be modified to meet the specific needs of different travel businesses, such as tour operators, travel agencies, DMC’s , wholesalers etc.

How does Dynamic Packaging transform the tourism industry?

Dynamic packaging is transforming the tourism industry through the following;

  • Customization
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased competitiveness
    Data analysis

What all services can be added for Dynamic Package?

Some of the services that can be added to a dynamic package are;

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Restaurants services