Group Booking Software

OTRAMS enables managing and tracking of bookings for groups of any size

OTRAMS offers a simple group booking system which will allow you to make a booking for groups of any size. While these bookings are managed offline, the system enables you to track them and make them a part of your reports and accounts. The system allows you to manage different groups like leisures, incentives, meetings/conferences/exhibitions, alumni groups and others. Track and enter accommodation of large group options to select the number of rooms, number of people in each room, room type, type of transfer required, number of people in a transfer vehicle and more.

With OTRAMS, you can open or block scheduling for a pre-defined time, and keep track of the number of people booking a particular amenity to avoid overbooking. Our group booking software is also a quotation based module where a travel agency can request for different services for a group. Once a request is made, it is captured by our system and can then be approved by the travel agent. These requests are captured by the back office team and group booking is finalized based on several quotations shared by them.

OTRAMS gives you the ability to manage MICE package bookings for large travel groups. The process is simple and you can add participants via the back office for meetings, conferences and events with just a few steps.
Book, Manage and Track for groups of all sizes

Features of our Group booking system

  • Track booking details for large groups
  • Quotation based module
  • Book all services offered by the conference organizer in one window
  • Online Secure Payment
  • MICE Bookings
Service Group Booking Software

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