Personalization through Travel Mobile Apps


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Personalize Travel Experiences through Mobile Technologies

From instant mobile payments, accessing GPS location to reach from point A to B, mobile check-in and boarding pass, in-flight entertainment, and flight tracking—traveling is beyond imagination without a smartphone! Find out how your travel business can deliver a personalized experience through travel mobile apps.

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Mobile Technologies to drive Personalization

In the information age, travelers have options more than over to choose, compare and decide. Travel agencies at are able to rise above the rest and understand traveler mindset, preferences and deliver a personalized experience will command customer loyalty and better profitability.

In this whitepaper, we present to you the different mobile technologies that your travel business can leverage to drive various aspects of personalization and profitability.

Enhanced Engagement

Visual Search
Voice Search and Assistance
Conversational UI
travel mobile apps enhanced engagement
travel mobile apps data driven interactions

Data Driven Interactions

Empower with Predictive Analytics
Introduction of Blockchain

Real-time Services

Emergence of AR & VR
Instant Mobile Payments
Last-minute Booking
travel mobile apps real time services
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Travel Mobile Apps open a new spectrum for Travel Industry

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Business travelers have used voice assistance at least once during their travel.

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Millennials prefer visual search more than other technologies.

0 percent

data generated today had no existence two years back.

0 percent

are keen on providing personal details if it results in a more personalized travel experience.
More details in the Whitepaper

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