Travel XML API Integration


OTRAMS offers Travel XML API Integration for multiple suppliers in your system. We provide data in JSON as well as XML to be more flexible in our approach. While integrating from different suppliers would require different APIs, we have standardized this process and provide a standard interface to integrate all the suppliers. Worried about technology changes and migrations on supplier systems? Our system can handle these changes. Want to integrate a new interface for a third-party system that is not yet registered? We can develop a structured API for you. Our experience of over a decade in this domain substantiates our potential of building a system you can rely on. The investment you make in us will pay off as we offer a high return on investment.
Buy and Sell Inventory via XML Connections Module Travel API Integration

We provide below XML / JSON API integration services

  • JSON/XML API integrations for hotels, flights, transfers, sightseeing, car rentals and more
  • Consolidator JSON/XML API integrations
  • Auxiliary service integrations
  • SMS Gateway
  • Call Center Integration

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