Egypt Express Travel

Egypt Express Travel is a Tour Operator and Destination Management Company specializing in MICE business.

Since its founding in 2003, Egypt Express Travel has grown into one of Egypt’s leading travel and DMC companies. They also own: EET event management, EET Global an online B2B system reservation, Mahfouz Tourism L.L.C located in Dubai (DMC), ET Global based in Jeddah, and Egypt Express Travel Sdn Bhd located in Malaysia (DMC).

Egypt Express Travel is well known for its highly qualified, skilled, creative staff and specialized programs in Egypt and around the world. Their philosophy is to provide the best value for the money, which is why they make sure their staff remains professional, talented, and motivated to meet the needs of their clients.

In order to provide customers with the best rate, they listen to and understand their needs and requirements. Egypt Express Travel strives to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of its customers, ensuring that the travel experience is hassle-free.

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They offer

  • Accommodation arrangements for different categories
  • Meet and greet services at the airport and at your convenience to assist with the visa and the customs
  • Nile Cruises as well as overseas cruises reservations
  • Excursion & Sightseeing tours
  • Sports activities (Diving, Snorkeling,etc.)
  • Safari trips
  • VIP limousine services & car rentals
  • VIP tailored programs
  • International & Domestic Air Tickets bookings
  • Specialized in organizing meetings, Incentives, Conferences, & Events (MICE)

Egypt Express Travel API is integrated with OTRAMS

Egypt Express is integrated with OTRAMS. OTRAMS offers out of box integration to Egypt Express Travel API. If you want Egypt Express Travel API for your travel portal, sign up for OTRAMS and connect with Egypt Express Travel team to get started.

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