Stuba is an online accommodation wholesaler for the travel industry. This multinational company is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and has a global presence. Travel agents can search, select, and book hotels, apartments, and other lodging options through the company’s platform. Stuba has a history dating back to 1991, and they have extensive knowledge and expertise within the industry that makes them one of the best.

With their relentless pursuit of advancement, they have ushered in a new era in accommodation booking. By curating carefully curated hotel results, the company intends to increase profitability and efficiency in the travel industry by increasing profitability and efficiency. They never stop innovating to ensure their customers have an easy and efficient accommodation booking experience. The company has a global support team as well as 24/7 online support tools.


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Travel Weekly TV: Rebecca Day, head of sales (APAC), Stuba

Stuba’s Rebecca Day joins travel weekly to discuss Stuba’s commitment to travel agents and how new technologies like artificial intelligence will change the industry.

Stuba with OTRAMS

Stuba is integrated with OTRAMS Travel Software. OTRAMS Go offers out-of-box integration with Stuba’s API. If you want Stuba’s API for your travel portal, sign up for OTRAMS Go and connect with Stuba’s team to get started.

OTRAMS is a leading Travel Technology Platform that sets industry standards. A comprehensive travel Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, it aims to facilitate smooth and efficient operations for many businesses, including destination management companies, online travel agencies, and wholesalers.

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Features of Hotel Booking System

OTRAMS is the world’s leading travel technology provider that has the most comprehensive hotel reservation system. This can benefit travel businesses.

Visibility: The hotel reservation system increases your visibility. Making your website available 24/7 ensures maximum exposure. The ability to view available rooms and their costs at any time, including after working hours and at night, facilitates the process of making reservations.

Accessibility of payment options: Having a variety of payment options enhances is important for your business. Payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and payment wallets can be incorporated into online payments.

Content Management: The content management system allows users to be able to read through all the information, gather what they need to know, and make the reservation armed with knowledge

Easy to use: Websites should be easy to use, understand and navigate. Users should be able to choose their language, and all information should be easily accessible

Filter Options: Hotel Booking Software allows users to filter, sort, search, and even share information. Hotels should be able to be filtered by star rating, location, price, amenities, and room type.

Hotel Selection & booking flow: It is important for users to be able to see all the details about the hotel they choose. This should include the hotel’s amenities, inclusions, operating hours, and services. The room of their choice should be available to them. Users should be able to view the exact fare for the room they choose based on their selection.

Booking Confirmation: After choosing a hotel room, the user should be able to add comments or remarks and complete the booking process. Once the user confirms that they want to book a particular room, that particular room will be displayed

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