World2meet serves as the travel division of the Iberostar Group, with its platform dedicated to driving growth and market leadership.

They have established a vertical structure called TOURIST GROUP (VITO) to address the evolving global landscape. They are dedicated to proactively anticipating future market demands and customer needs, with a goal of becoming a market leader in terms of both quality and value offerings. They are dedicated to delivering value to their clients through their extensive experience, ensuring thorough, efficient, and exceptional service management. They are committed to society and sustainability.

Their goal is to establish themselves as a leading entity in the tourism sector by prioritizing people and sustainability. This will enhance travel experiences to be more attractive, innovative, safe, and efficient. With a 360-degree client perspective, they can provide unique and personalized experiences.

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  • Billing: € 1,42 Bn
  • Passengers: 6,2 M
  • Origin Markets: 175
  • Offices: 17
  • Countries: 11
  • Hotels (Direct And Third Parties): +600.000
  • B2B Clients, Web and XML : +6.000

W2M API integrated with OTRAMS

W2M is integrated with OTRAMS. OTRAMS offers out of box integration to W2M API. If you want W2M API for your travel portal, sign up for OTRAMS and connect with W2M team to get started.

OTRAMS is an online travel booking system that provides comprehensive software solutions that allow travel businesses to align their strategies with their business objectives. Travel companies benefit from these systems in terms of enhancing profitability and facilitating expansion. Here are some key advantages.

B2B Travel Agency Software/B2B Travel Booking Software: B2B Travel Booking Software streamlines business processes and automates booking processes. Multiple sales channels, including mobile, web, tablets, and XML output, are supported, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

B2C Travel Booking System: Travel companies can increase profits by directly selling their inventory to customers via a robust booking system that offers a wide selection of hotels, flights, and dynamic packages. Customers can search and book travel services independently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using this online booking system.

Mobile Application: Travel planning and booking are increasingly being conducted via mobile devices, so it is imperative to have a mobile app for your company. In addition to making trip planning and booking easier, these apps offer support during travel, enhancing customer satisfaction.

White Label: White labeling helps wholesalers increase product visibility by allowing travel agents to manage sales and marketing. With this approach, a travel company can be started on a limited budget, setup costs are reduced, and revenue generation is accelerated.

GSA (General Sales Agent): Travel reservation systems support the creation of GSA entities, so you can track transactions, onboard customers, and set markups. The GSA can effectively manage their operations through the travel company’s platform, eliminating the need for separate websites and enabling comprehensive management functions.

Ultimately, online travel booking systems offer significant benefits to travel companies, including streamlined operations, increased customer reach, and a greater potential for revenue growth.

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