Miki Travel Limited

With over 50 years in business, Miki Travel is a premier travel organization. They are known around the world for the wide range of travel products they offer. These include transfer services, hotel accommodations, and unique travel experiences.

As a business, they believe the key to their success to date has been the use of technology and the building of strong relationships at the forefront of what they do and they believe this has contributed to their success so far. Their customer service is one of the most significant parts of their business. Their sales team is renowned for its ability to deliver first-class service to a wide range of clients and suppliers from across our extensive portfolio of suppliers.

Globally, there are hundreds of multilingual professionals working with them who overcome language barriers. They offer their services in 173 countries worldwide.


ONMT selects Miki Travel Asia as its Asia representative

Miki Travel Asia has been selected as the Asian representative of the Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT) to lead the expansion of its business activities in Asia.

Together, the agency and office will promote Moroccan culture, history, and tourism in the Asian market, bringing the country to the attention of tourists

Miki Travel with OTRAMS

OTRAMS has a comprehensive travel management system helps travel companies organize and manage their business processes. Travel arrangements, such as flights, hotels, and rental cars, can be arranged and managed easier and more efficiently using this tool.

Miki Travel is integrated with OTRAMS. We offer out-of-box integration to them. You can leverage our powerful travel management software and access Miki Travel.

Benefits of Travel Management Software

The technology at your disposal keeps your business open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No manual supervision or full-time supervision is needed for reservations and bookings.

  • Travel reservation systems automate a number of reservation management tasks, such as adding and updating information, adding prices, and generating reports. A system like this can save time and reduce errors. Thus, the business owner and staff can focus on other matters.
  • Online travel reservations let customers browse and book travel options 24/7. They can view available dates, rates, and amenities online and make reservations without calling or visiting. Customers will benefit as a result.
  • A travel reservation system simplifies the booking and payment process for customers. Online travel packages can be easily created, marketed, and sold. Offer dynamic or semi-dynamic travel packages to your customers.
  • Online booking systems store all the information travel agents need. It includes details about the organization, customers, income, disclaimers, forms, billings, inventory, staff, and partners. You can access the system by logging in and run your business in an organized manner.

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