3 Technology Trends in Travel Sector, you need to know!

Last year has been full of digital disruptions and transformations. Technology is helping all businesses evolve in different ways.

If you are a travel business owner or you run a travel agency, you must listen to this piece of conversation from the Episode 3 Part 2 of the Business of Travel Podcast.

In this section, Mr Bhavesh Oza of Bluestar Air Travel Services talks about the 3 technology trends in travel sector and how travel businesses can leverage them. Bluestar is a long standing customer of Qtech Software and OTRAMS.

Don’t miss listening to this powerful episode on the Business of Travel Podcast, here

Bhavesh talks about the following Technology Trends in Travel:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Data Analytics and
  3. Cross Selling

Ensure, you are ahead of the curve by adopting these technology disruptions. Get in touch with our experts, to get a one to one consultation and create a roadmap for your travel business.


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