Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality Industry

artificial intelligence in hospitality industry

The idea of what technology could do in the future has always fascinated us. We have imagined them in science fiction movies with robots serving humans in hotels and bars, self-cleaning homes and machines that anticipate your needs without any prompts. However, the hospitality industry is now turning towards technology that is innovative, powerful and fulfils any demand their guest may have.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is making its foray into many industries, which includes hospitality. The hospitality industry is trying to leverage AI to enhance its customer experience and improve its overall service.   

While it sounds farfetched and outlandish, the potential of AI in hospitality is undeniably important. It can be used to serve guests, and deliver them service and comfort that was previously not possible. It will not only save time but also money in the long run.

Labour accounts for more than 50% of operational costs in the hospitality sector. The need for an efficient and cost-effective solution to labour is essential to control expenditure and maintain consistent service quality. Artificial Intelligence can boost productivity, and reduce manual errors significantly.

Guests (especially those seeking luxury travel) would prefer personalized services as these services are a key element of the luxury properties (like the ones in Holiday Inn Express). However, some guests wouldn’t mind communicating with technology to voice their needs and be served without any hassles.

This thought gained momentum during the Covid crisis when it was essential to maintain social distancing. People turned to technology for a solution and technology rose to the need of the hour.   

  • AI-enabled robot that can perform the role of the concierge.
  • Chatbots can answer the queries guests may have.
  • Voice-activated services that guests use add to their experience of luxury.
  • Of course, all of these technologies are to be closely monitored by staff members of the hotel.

AI can transform the hospitality industry in many ways, tech providers need to investigate how technology can be used to change the way guests perceive hospitality in future.   

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