Powerful Extranet with Direct Contracting

Extranet, Direct Contracting

As the demand for domestic travel increases as well as customers choosing to book individual properties and villas as compared to hotels, Travel Companies need to add more local properties at best possible rates to their catalogue. Precautions and safety measures are now becoming a part of travel. Private Villas, Resorts, Service Apartments, Long Term Rentals have seen the most demand in accommodation.

A recent survey conducted by us, highlights the following:

  1. Domestic Tourism will be one of the highest contributor in travel – With over 49%  demand share
    Domestic Travel, Local Tourism, OTRAMS
    Results of a recent survey conducted by us.


  2. Travelers will opt for private or individual properties over Hotels and shared spaces – With over 61% demand share
    Private Properties, Villa, OTRAMS
    Results from a recent survey about preferred property types.

In such a scenario, Travel agencies should build your own inventory of private properties and make it easy for suppliers to list their property on your platform with the most powerful Extranet!

Direct contracts, Separate Login for suppliers, API distribution of all your inventory and multiple other features available on OTRAMS.

This is made possible by the very powerful local contracting engine on OTRAMS which also features an Extranet. Corporates who want to create a booking portal for their employees, Destination Management Companies and Travel Management Companies who want to add more local inventory can leverage Extranet on OTRAMS. Direct contracting is now also available for Transfers, Activities and Car Rentals.

API Redistribution on OTRAMS has enabled Travel Agents and Companies to distribute their Hotels inventory, With the new updates, Companies can also distribute Transfers, Car Rental and Activities through API to any customer across the globe.

Negotiate your own contracts and offer special rates to your customers, along side inventory from other suppliers. Resell your inventory to over 180 partners globally. Integrate directly with all the popular Channel Partners and Switches seamlessly.

Grow your business with the most powerful Extranet.

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Powerful Extranet with Direct Contracting

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