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OTRAMS is a travel reservation system software for agents and agencies, travel portals, consolidators, destination management companies, and hotel resellers. OTRAMS offers you a bouquet of customizable features that are personalized to meet your business's requirements. 11 years of experience in travel domain has given us a deep insight into the requirements of the travel industry and revolutionized the way our clients work. Our team of highly dedicated professionals and a portfolio of clients in more than 20 countries around the world substantiate our ability to build a robust and feature-rich travel agent software that plays a crucial role in your growth. We are constantly working on integrating the latest technologies and updates and devising new ways to ensure you are always ahead of the market when you use our product. Rest assured, you will always have a simple and secure travel agency software that you can rely on.
Fast. Simple. Secure.

Icon Travel Agencies Travel Agencies

Our travel agent reservation software offers you multiple customizable features to run your mid or large size travel agency business. Agencies are empowered by our software to make instant bookings using our simple interface. With credit allotments, agents and sub-agents can book, select rooms and even pay instantly using a payment gateway or a credit facility. Ease of operation allows your agents more time to work with a number of customers without the confusion that can be involved in offline operations.

Benefit from the lowest rates available through our integration with large-scale global and small-scale local suppliers worldwide. Post your own inventory with a customizable mark-up to your distribution system and expand your reach across global markets.

Set up your own online travel portal to capture bookings that occur outside working hours. Create separate logins for corporate clients with preferential mark-ups to ensure that your best clients get your best rates. Manage your sub-agent network with individual logins for sub-agents.

Icon B2C B2C Online Travel Portals

Customise your own travel agent reservation software to capture customers who book beyond working hours and give customers access to your inventory 24x7. Using our travel reservation software, customers will have access to the best available hotel rates in addition to your own hotel, tours and transfers inventory, making your sales independent of the working hours of your agency.

Icon Hotel Resellers Hotel Resellers

Our travel reservation system software empowers small and large scale re-sellers to post and monitor inventory online. By pushing inventory and availability in real time to multiple suppliers and agencies through an xml feed, your inventory is accessible by a large number of agencies and tour operators around the world. Resellers can add their own mark-ups and compare their rates with the lowest rates available online to create an offering that stays well ahead of the competition.

Icon Travel Agencies Tour Operators

Tour Operators can put together customised tours and increase profitability by using our advanced rate filtration system.

Icon Travel Consolidators Travel Consolidators

OTRAMS gives travel consolidators the ultimate tool to keep a tab on inventory while ensuring that their rates remain competitive.

To find out more on how our travel reservation software modules can empower your business, please request a demo.

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