Ratehawk and Go Global Travel Are Now Available on OTRAMS Go!

ratehawk and go global

RateHawk and Go Global Travel are now integrated with OTRAMS Go. With this development our customers on OTRAMS Go plan can now access RateHawk and Go Global as their hotel suppliers and book through it. Both RateHawk and Go Global Travel open up new realms of possibilities for our customers. These collaborations will provide high-quality hotel content to many travel businesses everywhere.  

RateHawk was founded in 2016 and since its inception it has now become one of the fastest-growing platforms for B2B companies in the travel industry. It’s a trusted partner for travel agents, tour operators etc across the globe. RateHawk offers access to over 1.7 million accommodation options, car rental, transfers, and other travel-related services.  

Go Global Travel is one of the prominent suppliers in the world of travel. Go Global Travel offers a variety of products, including hotels, flights, transfers and car rentals. Go Global Travel provides access to over 1,000,000 unique properties that include Hotels, Apartments, Resorts, Lodges, Motels, Inns etc and much more. Travel companies can connect with them via API.  

OTRAMS Go is a one of its kind SaaS platforms that was designed to empower Travel Companies.

How to get RateHawk and Go Global for your travel portal

  • Sign-up with RateHawk or Go Global (supplier) and get your API key.  
  • Reach out to the Customer Success Team for activating these suppliers in your website.  

If you are signing up for OTRAMS GO, for the first time. In the sign-up page, you can select RateHawk and Go Global from all the options available in the Hotel Suppliers list.  


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