Rewarding the Best Asset of your Travel Business

reward best asset of your travel business

Your travel agency’s best performing assets are the travel agents that provide your customers with the best advice and suitable options for their travel plans. The interaction between a travel agent and the customer determines whether the booking is going to be successful.

This interaction is one of the biggest differentiators for your agency, it will determine whether the customer goes ahead with the booking, refers their friends to your company and comes back for their next trip. 

High performing travel agents will advise customers with the best options, consult them to understand their personality and help them get the best return on their travel spend. To do all this, an agent needs to be empowered and motivated to proactively engage with the customers. They need to see a personal achievement in helping the customers in the best possible way. 

Customer retention is a highly important aspect in the services business. The cost of acquiring a new customer is five times higher than the cost of retaining an existing customer. Therefore, empowering your travel agents can drive customer retention higher. 

How can your travel company keep your agents empowered and motivated to keep doing their best? Creating a personal stake in delivering customer delight has proven to be one of the most effective ways of keeping agents interested. 

Most agents work on commission but that is not always a needed motivation. Create a performance driven reward system that goes beyond the daily commissions to create a personal sense of achievement. Leveraging a strong loyalty program that is centred around customer delight will drive the necessary motivation with the agents. 

How can loyalty programs help? 

  • Create a sense of personal achievement for the agents. 
  • Provide motivation to go beyond their regular duties to create customer delight. 
  • Empower agents to deliver advice and build relationships with the customers.
  • Enable agents to keep performing consistently. 

Turn your penchant of focus on customer delight into a personal sense of achievement for agents, loyalty programs drive the much-needed behavioural engagement of your agents. 

How to implement a good loyalty program? 

Based on the priorities for your businesses and the average value of bookings managed by all your agents, you can create certain levels of rewards. If your priority is to achieve the greatest number of bookings or to achieve high value of bookings, create a reward plan that can emphasize these with various stages of performance. 

Agents collect their reward points for each successful transaction they make and become eligible for various rewards. You choose to either share a monetary reward at each level or provide a choice of options. Some organizations also choose to provide a redemption of these rewards against new bookings, which help the agents to maximize their profits. 

Does your Travel Agency Software enable Rewarding your best agents? 

If you are running an online travel business, you need to have a singular platform that provides an end-to-end solution for all your business needs. It is important that the technology you use to run your business, helps you run and grow your business by reinforcing your business priorities. 

OTRAMS has one of the most flexible loyalty rewards functionalities, that helps travel companies around the world, reward their best performing agents. Over and above the booking engines, tour operator software and supplier integrations, OTRAMS adds a layer of business-critical functionalities like Business Intelligence reports, Secure Mid-office and Loyalty Programs for Agents. 

You can create a highly flexible, customized rewards program for your travel business with OTRAMS. By empowering your agents to perform their best, OTRAMS gives your business the edge to create a strong, dependable agent network that will work for you. 

OTRAMS is built with the objective of helping travel businesses drive predictable business performance with 100% control over operations, margins and best performing channels. 

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