4 Ways, Travel Companies need to evolve, in an online world

4 ways travel companies need to evolve in present times

The present economic uncertainty has affected almost every aspect of our lives in various ways. Perhaps the worst affected is the travel industry that has almost been decimated by the raging pandemic.

As various countries are opening, the recovery process for the industry has slowly begun. However, the current assessments indicate a 60 to 80% drop in the international tourism economy in 2020. So, the road to recovery is a long one.

At the same time, with information available at their fingertips, customers are making more informed choices with each passing day. So, it is up to the travel agencies to fill up any technological gaps in their business model to deliver a top-notch service.

Let’s look at how the right use of travel technology can help the agencies in overcoming the prime challenges of the present times:

1) Sustaining online presence and credibility

With travellers becoming dependent on the internet, a highly competitive era has commenced. Moreover, tourists can now share their poor experiences and dissatisfaction very easily on a public platform. A social media uproar about a poor service related to any hotel orflight booking system can be a nightmare for any travel agency.

From airlines to hotel owners, everyone who is a part of the travel industry needs to work hard to keep their reputation intact. So, here are a few tips for maintaining online credibility.

  • A responsive website along with a user-friendly travel agency software is very necessary. A site that is mobile-friendly is a must to attract the Generation Z customers.
  • It may not be possible to respond to every social media feedback about your booking engine or service. But, it is necessary to remain polite and offer an authentic voice while doing so. Quite simply, transparency is the best way to engage with your customers.
  • Offer an original user experience along with total safety and security that will make you stand out from the competitors.

This is where the travel technology solutions from OTRAMS can make a positive difference by providing a professional service across all these key factors.

2) Superior standards of service

In this competitive era, service is one aspect that simply cannot be compromised. Whether you are a direct service provider or an agency with a hotel reservation system, keeping the customers satisfied is a must for earning their loyalty. So, regulating the customer experience through superior service and convenience is an important aspect.

With the rise in internet booking, the role of travel agents has diminished, and online booking services have risen significantly. A superior travel agency software that offers a safe and seamless blend of travel research, hotel booking, and payment will give an edge to your brand. At the same time, a business needs to implement a digital solution that is cost-effective as well.

The tour operator software by OTRAMS is a one-step resolution for delivering a more efficient and optimized service to your customers. With a reliable and secure interface packed within an intuitive package, it offers a comprehensive solution for the digital transformation of a travel business.

3) Providing customer-specific services

This is one aspect that many travel companies are still not capable of delivering. It is a fact that when a customer is provided with a service that is customised for their taste, they feel happy. Modern travellers appreciate a personal touch in the services and want to customize their tour plans based on their likes and interests.

A customer who feels special is more likely to provide a positive review of your brand. With a variety of choices available today, positive reviews can make a large difference. So, a travel agency needs to make the best use of the customer data available with them and present customers with unique ideas that suit their taste and budget.

OTRAMS offers the perfect solution for interpreting the key business metrics from the raw data that can help you to offer personalised services to the customers. OTRAMS’ booking engine also offers in-depth analytics and insights to help you devise strategies and move ahead of the competition.

4) Efficient operation management

Depending on the expanse of your services, the day-to-day operations can take a huge toll on your resources. Dealing with tons of enquiries from both suppliers and customers can stretch a small workforce to its limits. Add to that the efficient tracking of daily expenses, which is a vital aspect. Keep in mind that a single oversight can have a major impact in the long run.

The prime step to ease the load is to take the help of the best available travel technology and choose the right business management system. An effective digital transformation can not only make your travel reservation system more efficient but will also allow your team to get more productive.

With OTRAMS, you can integrate all your services in a single platform and seamlessly operate the business from one location. Being fast, simple, and flexible, its booking engine can easily streamline the entire process from marketing to sales.

The Covid-19 scenario

The crisis of the pandemic has made the travellers wary and nervous about moving out of their homes. While the restrictions on travel are slowly getting lifted, it is necessary to restore traveller confidence, reduce overheads and start planning for upcoming changes in the sector.

While full recovery of the tourism sector can take a long time to recover from this shock, it is also a good time for embracing a safe and secure technology that can strengthen the foundations of your business. Even though no travel agency software can help against the disruptions brought about by the pandemic, the right one can help you to stay lean and efficient through the challenging times.

OTRAMS — Your Preferred Travel Reservation Software

The tour operator software from OTRAMS is a great choice that has a range of productive tools to help your business handle the operational complexities of a challenging period.

With customers seeking the right travel experience at reasonable prices, it is necessary for the travel industry to come up with positive steps for overcoming these challenges.

OTRAMS delivers a smart travel management system to help boost your business prospects at every level. With advanced levels of automation, we offer a domain-specific solution that allows you to make the best use of all online opportunities. Having 15+ years of experience and over 45 clients across 36+ countries, OTRAMS offers speed, security and reliability for a streamlined business operation.

4 Ways, Travel Companies need to evolve, in an online world

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