8 Mega Tech Trends in the Travel Industry

mega tech trends in travel industry

The travel industry is booming at a rapid rate, from artificial intelligence to automation, to augmented reality to the internet of things. With a rise in demand, companies have started investing in artificial intelligence and the results are phenomenal. Customers are embracing this new change and it is helping the travel industry grow faster than was thought. The travel industry is often accused of being slower to catch up on the tech trends as compared to other industries. However, lately it seems to have given itself a good start in mega tech trends at least. 

Below is a list of 8 mega tech trends in the travel industry that have taken the industry by storm – 

  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence involves developing complex software algorithms that can perform tasks that would normally require human intervention. Tasks that require visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and language translation are being done efficiently and flawlessly by technology. The software systems are designed to not only collect information but also analyse and produce results based on that information. The advanced algorithms can learn which places you often travel to, what activities you often like to perform, which locations you often take a holiday to and so on. AI has enabled software systems to even recognize images and suggest more results based on that analysis. Google already has a system named Vision Artificial Intelligence Platform that can scan and identify images, analyse them, and recognize landmarks, sceneries and much more. 
  • Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality is often mistaken for virtual reality. Despite the common misbelief, Augmented Reality is very different from Virtual Reality. The best example of one of the most successful products offering augmented reality is Pokemon Go. Companies like Blippar and Monarch Airlines have already put this technology to good use and many hotels are taking advantage of this technology.  
  • Blockchain: Software algorithms have advanced to a point where they can be used to perform complex tasks like recording and confirming transactions with complete reliability and anonymity. This information is then supplied to many parties and is protected against any change as the downstream chain reinforces upstream transactions. This technology is used by the air transport industry to help identify passengers.  
  • Drones: Drones are air or water-based devices and vehicles that fly without an on-board human pilot. These are unmanned aerial vehicles that are operated autonomously. They usually have a predefined flight plan or can be controlled remotely via onboard computers. Drones are quite popular with people who enjoy shooting videos especially during their travels.  
  • Internet of things: Internet of things is a network of interconnected devices and/or vehicles with embedded sensors, software, network connectivity, and compute capability, that can collect and exchange data over the internet. The term IoT represents any device that is connected and accessible via a network connection. 
  • Robots: Robots are electro-mechanical machines that assist human activities. They are capable of automation and augmentation either autonomously or according to set instructions. This technology is a part of many industries including travel and tourism 
  • Virtual Reality: Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or a complete environment that users can interact with in realistic ways. VR typically requires equipment and offers an immersive experience. Google Daydream is one such VR implementation in the travel industry and it is driving massive adoption of the technology. 
  • Travel Technology: Travel companies all over the world have realised the importance and necessity of a good travel technology provider. With the growth of technology, travel companies are able to utilize its various facets to make their over easier, faster and smoother. Both B2B and B2C travel companies utilize travel technology.

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Travel industry has seen and experienced exceptional growth with technology. This is a trend that will strengthen the travel industry in long run.  

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