Manage Agent & Sub Agent

Manage Agent & Sub Agent


  • Manage Agents

  • Create New Agent

  • Assign Credit to Agent

  • Allow Credit Distribution

  • Assign Consultant to Agent

  • Assign Sales Manager to Agent

  • Assign Branch to Agent

  • Assign rights to Agent (Make Bookings, Voucher Bookings, Book within Cancellation Policy, Allow Multi Currency search, Allow to create Quotations, Allow Ticketing for Flights)

  • Assign Debug mode to Agent

  • Specify Agents IATA status and details

  • Assign Supplier wise Markup Profile / Markup to Agent

  • Assign Supplier wise Lead time to Agent

  • Exclude Search Country for Agent

  • Change Password

  • Upload Document feature to save relevant documents for Agents

  • Login as Agent

  • Login as Admin

  • Set Expiry Date for Agent

  • Activate / Deactivate Agent

  • Resend Registration email

  • Resend Confirmation email

  • Set Invoicing Rules for Agent

  • Assign Payment Gateway to Agent

  • Report Access Settings for Agent

  • Assign Loyalty Tier to Agent (subject to Loyalty Module)

  • View Payment Gateway Log for Agent (subject to Payment Gateway)

  • View Agent Last Login details

  • Restrict Country wise access

  • Manage Sub agents

  • Assign Loyalty Tier to Sub Agent (subject to Loyalty Module)

  • Manage Operation Staff

  • Assign Loyalty Tier to Operation Staff (subject to Loyalty Module)


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